Aika gps tracker commands

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aika gps tracker commands

Login to your AbleGrid Forum forum account or Register a new forum account. Welcome Guest! GT series gps tracker step-by-step brief setup guide.

It will be super easy to use our 4G LTE tracker, just charge the tracker, install app or just goto gps. Facebook Twitter. Hi, on the Gt there is problem I have with unit shows its parked outside and will go into to deep sleep no matter settings. This has happened many different locations and scenarios. For me, even at cost of more battery I would rather a setting where the GPS can wake on command no matter it's position or length of time stopped.

Could you please let me know I can change this setting on mine I'd much appreciate it. Of course we don't need to get new tracking unless it moves to another location however, in this case most of the time the location shown in Platform or URL link is not the actuall. All parameters, to my knowledge or know-how on this, are good, Open view of the sky good signal I end up many times not knowing the location, only previous one. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing.

Originally Posted by: fastaschit Hi, on the Gt there is problem I have with unit shows its parked outside and will go into to deep sleep no matter settings.

I understand what you are saying, before I respond, I wasn't sure how to ask. I can remove my post afterwards because it is attached to a good guide and I do not want to interfere with that. I just need it to tell me where the vehicles are. This Gt will not most of the time it will only show that last check-in location which could be a little too far.

When vehicle is parked at location "C" but is showing location is at point "B". I know that location is wrong so it seems there should be a way to wake up GPS to give final check-in of last position.

TK102 GPS Tracker Command Instructions

The Tk will wake GPS at any time so is always accurate. Battery is not as good but with added battery capacity to GT not sure why is not possible. Again, not constant tracking needed. Just looking to find way for GT to report final resting location, and then it can sleep all it wants to.


It does not good to save battery if Accuracy is not correct that is why we have the Unit. GPS seems to go to sleep before before reporting final location. I have used QP command. I understand how it works. I have long background in electronics and programming. Seems the more ideal for me is something that can work like the TK but have a better battery.

I've been playing with the mobile and web interfaces today to get the handle on how to use the tracker. I initially found that the time was set to UTC on the web interface. I changed it to UTC for my timezone but found the time on the history was off. However, now my mobile client is indicating that there is No Tracker associated with my account, even though I can still see it on the web portal.The topic of this article is not directly related to computers, but is directly related to the IT sphere.

aika gps tracker commands

The question raised below should be particularly interesting to drivers, however, due to some peculiarities, it is possible to use the described material with a benefit outside the automobile theme.

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with laptopmobile phonemp3 player or another mobile gadget. On a par with them there are devices that have not yet managed to gain their general popularity, but deserve, in our opinion, close attention.

And since it was said that the question is closely related to transport, it is not hard to guess what is meant here by DVRsParktronicsGPS-navigators and other auto-gadgets. There are two main reasons why this topic seemed very relevant to us:. We have already said that GPS trackers may be of interest not only to motorists, their use goes far beyond raising the protection of iron horses. And such a wide range of applications for devices using their functionality is being discussed.

That is, based on the conditional definition, a GPS tracker can be useful when tracking the location of virtually any objects cars, motorcycles, bicycles, suitcases or even people for example, children and animals.

It should only be borne in mind that in the case of using a GPS tracker with people, animals or objects that do not have a power source, the device must be equipped with its own battery.

We have already found out that the presence of a built-in battery - is a required parameter of the GPS tracker, designed to work in conjunction with objects that are not capable of supplying it electricity. What other characteristics should the tracker have, depending on the application? In principle, you can continue this list further, but there are so many people, so many opinions. We think that each of you will be able to determine for himself those parameters that will be of paramount importance for you.

Online stores and forums are full of reviews that GPS trackers are prohibited in some countriesand their acquisition may lead to criminal penalties. We will not describe examples in the article; they are easily found by subject queries in search engines. Someone, after reading such comments, refuses the idea of acquiring a tracker, someone on the contrary, does not believe in the reality of such precedents, and considers all the material as Internet bikes.

How is it really? For concreteness, we consider this question on the example of the situation in the Russian Federation. To begin with, there are indeed cases of accusations on the territory of the Russian Federation for the purchase of trackers. Buyers of this type of goods are charged with violation of Article There are a lot of disputes and counter-arguments on the Internet, we will focus on one thing.Main Features: -User-friendly interface makes you familiar with the operation in a short time -Real-time tracking and historical route playback -Various alerts including SOS, low battery, power cut-off, overspeed etc.

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aika gps tracker commands

No register! Use our website with no limit and no payments.If you have any questions about tk commands and configuration, scroll to the bottom of this page and post a comment. We will do our best to answer your questions. If your a tk guru then help everybody out and answer some questions in the comments below. There is two way to authorize, one is calling, number, then this number will automatically became one authorized number.

Find full list of country codes here. In this example, where is the interval of 30 seconds, the means repeat 5 time, is the password. If you want to set the auto tracking to report every 1 hours and repeat 24 times. Voice Surveillance You can set the tracker into monitor mode, when you call the tracker, the tracker will answer your phone and transfer the voice around the tracker back to you.

Geo-fence Geo-fence will help you to restrict the target within a certain preset area. In this example we will use the city of Adelaide, South Australia. The following picture will show you how it works, the restricted area is defined by the two coordinate you set. Copy the latitude and longitude coordinates as they appear into the first half of your Geo-fence command. With this coordinates set in the Geo-fence command, a rectangle will be created as the boundry of the Geo-frence.

Overspeed Alert This is a very useful function to monitor if the target is overspeed. Low battery alert This is an automatically function, the GPS tracker will constantly send you a low battery alert every 30 minutes once the voltage dropped to or below 3. In configuration software or file of the TK tracker use the following settings to connect it to free GPS tracking system:. In order to configure the object, you have to follow these steps by sending SMS commands to the tracker:.

When you use the tracker first time, call the tracker, tracker reports you the. The TK seems to be a very popular GPS Tracker mainly because of its price but it does work once configured properly this article is to help. Visually identify your GPS Tracker with the following image. Hi, My tracker tk is perfectly working and fixed inside the car using USB charging port.

The car is using by others and i need to monitor the locations. Hello friends!!! My problem is that my credit balance is consumed very quickly. Or after days even if i called just my tk device. Is there any way to adjust this?

I m using a greek vodafone sim card in greece. Your 1 Stop Online Security Shop! Nalin January 23, at pm. How to setup tk auto restart after low battery turning off??

Tolis February 23, at am.Thanks for signing up! This device served its purpose very well. The battery lasted about 2 weeks and I could always see the charge level on the tracking page. I highly recommend this device and service. The unit worked great. If you need any help, the customer service is really good. The mobile app works very well with an Android phone and a tablet.

The magnet is really strong and it stays exactly where i put it under the car. Even through rain and mud. Great case! Why is this important? You can read about Greenwich Mean Time GMT in detail by doing a quick internet search, but, for our purposes, just know that GMT time is the current time in Greenwich, England, which is located on the Prime Meridian - and it never changes.

Thus, whenever we change our clocks forward or backward, the same needs to happen in your GPS Track Manager account. If you're located in an area that doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time, just set your time zone once and leave it alone. To set your time zone, hover your mouse over the Change Settings menu, then click on Change Time Zone. X Search. New Customer? Newsletter Sign Up. Unit works great. Great Case! Select your correct time zone based off the following chart: 3.

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How to Set Your Correct Time Zone in GPS Track Manager

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aika gps tracker commands

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