Cultural differences quiz

As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology and travel, modern businesses are becoming more and more multicultural. If your business has an international outlook or staff from different backgrounds, working together respectfully is beneficial for business. What's more, a diverse cultural team can help to open doors for your business and bring insights that help your business operate in foreign markets.

Cultural awareness can help you to communicate better, avoid misunderstandings and work successfully with people the world over. Test your knowledge with our quiz below. Skip to content.

Test Your Cross-Cultural Awareness As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology and travel, modern businesses are becoming more and more multicultural.

What are the potential benefits of having good cultural awareness? Fewer misunderstandings and conflicts. Increased likelihood of your business working well in an international market.

Increased levels of respect between you and business contacts. All of the above. What is 'ethnocentricity'? When all cultures become central to how a business operates. When the views and standards of one culture are given priority over others. It isn't a real word. When a business only has one ethnicity working there.

You're hosting a conference with Indian and Saudi-Arabian business people all attending. Some are Hindu and Muslim clients.

50 Weird & Confusing Facts About British Life & Culture

In what areas should you consider special arrangements when you're organising the conference? Dietary requirements. Exercise breaks. Sleeping arrangements. Proximity to shops.

You have a very exciting business opportunity in China, and your boss is bringing you and one more of your colleagues along. This is an important meeting and you want to get it right.Which of the following was not identified as a defining feature of culture?

Culture is cumulative. Culture is shared. Culture is learned. Culture is symbolic. Culture is transmitted. French language on exterior signs in Quebec. Which of the following would not be a good example of a counterculture?

cultural differences quiz

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Chapter 4. Multiple Choice Quiz. Values, traditions, and beliefs are all examples of. Language is usually considered to be. Bill covered the issue of. Research by Lakoff showed that there are some distinct communication differences between men and women.

In general, men tend to. Culture is usually assumed to be. Which sociological theory emphasizes the role of language and literacy in fighting against cultural subordination? Symbolic Interactionism. Immigration, tourism, and globalization all mean that. Toronto Raptors fans. All rights reserved. Legal Notice Privacy Policy Permissions.Speak now. Cultural And Intercultural Quiz Questions. Sample Question. Model of child development. Schema within which to consider changes in human growth.

Way of understanding psychology.

Cross Cultural Awareness Quiz

None of the answers are correct. Cultural Awareness.

cultural differences quiz

This quiz is for our POTH project, we would appreciate if you could fill it out. It is not an obligation. Cultural Awareness Orientation. There is respect for hierarchies and a stratified society. Greetings and salutations are formal. Time and energy need to be invested in good relations. The warm-up period is polite and educated. Cc Knowledge Check - Cultural Awareness.

Cultural Awareness Quiz. In this short test we will test your cultural awareness on South-Africa and the game industry. Technical Rescue Awareness Quizzes. Brand Awareness Quizzes. Energy Awareness Quizzes. Dementia Awareness Quizzes. Cultural Awareness Questions and Answers. Developmental models provide a. Cultural awareness question from.Speak now.

All culture is different, from the cities, to the tribes, to the culture found in a tub of yogurt! Ok, well ignoring the yogurt's culture, there are many cultures that eat yogurt!

Get ready for questions from all over the world, questions that will rack your brain! Questions like "What tribe in India worships the god of rain? With questions like these, you'll soon be wondering if you should more, or just go and buy some yogurt.

Trivia Quiz. One main characteristic of the Hispanic culture is that they use the Spanish language. Most Hispanics are Roman Catholics and have shared beliefs when it comes to some things such as having a close-knit family.

It is not uncommon Sample Question. There are many cultures in the world brought about by our various experiences and histories that shape our mannerisms and most importantly our On time. Not on time. Gifts are given for various reasons in the world today, and they can act as a form of appreciation or mark a special occasion. Being that there are different types of people in the world with a different culture, how you give and Right hand.

Left hand. Both hands. Either hand. The world is made up of different people and each have a culture they identify with however absurd it is seen by others.

When you are a sociology student you get to understand the reasoning behind their beliefs and practices.

A diverse group of people who share a distinctive culture in a geographic location. A flock of birds.

cultural differences quiz

A group of cars in a parking lot. An all-you-can-eat buffet. The United Kingdom and America all speak English, but they have different accents and ways they pronounce words. New York. Los Angeles. Pop Culture Quizzes. Japanese Culture Quizzes.

Spartan Life Quizzes. American Culture Quizzes. Culture Shock Quizzes. Indian Culture Quizzes. Chinese Culture Quizzes. Ethnography Quizzes. Civilization Quizzes.A caste system is a closed system of stratification in which social position is determined by the family into which. Business, Life Skills, Social Studies. Played times. Print Share Edit Delete Report an issue. Live Game Live. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz.

Question 1. The set of beliefs, goals, and practices that a group of people share is known as:. Culture can also be described as a group's shared. All the above. Culture is formed and influenced by. If you are born in the wrong class in the USA, you have no hope of getting any good job. Non-verbal communication is a part of culture. In India, people often respond by shaking their heads sideways.

This could mean. I don't know. Hand gestures generally mean the same internationally. A caste system is a closed system of stratification in which social position is determined by the family into which A person is born.

When doing business in Saudi Arabia you should. Which of the following is NOT considered an element of culture? Culture is sometimes referred to as "a blueprint for living" because it. In the USA it is common to stand with-in 12" from a person when communicating.

Having a Bible and going to a church is synonymous with. The Holy book of Islam is called the. The book of Ishmael. The book of Allah. It is against Islamic beliefs for Islamic banks to charge interest. The concept of reincarnation is part of Confucianism is rather a philosophy because. Report an issue.

Connecting Themes.This item questions will tackle different culture and health practices among races. All questions are given in a single page and correct answers, rationales or explanations if any are immediately shown after you have selected an answer. No time limit for this exam. Text Mode: All questions and answers are given on a single page for reading and answering at your own pace. Be sure to grab a pen and paper to write down your answers.

To effectively communicate to a client with a different language, which of the following should the nurse implement? Have an interpreter to translate. Speak loudly and closely to the client. Speak to the client and family together. Which of the following clients has the lowest risk of diabetes mellitus and stroke? A year-old African-American woman. A year-old Native-American man. A year-old Hispanic-American man. A year-old Asian-American woman. The nurse is providing instructions to a Chinese-American client about the frequency and dosages of the take home medicines.

When conducting the teaching, the client continuously turns away from the nurse. The nurse should do which of the following appropriate action? Walk around the client so that the nurse can constantly face the client.

The Culture Quiz

Call the attention of the client by speaking loudly. The ambulatory care nurse is discussing preoperative procedures with a Japanese American client who is scheduled for surgery the following week.

During the discussion, the client continually smiles and nods the head. How should the nurse interpret this nonverbal behavior? An acceptance of the treatment. Client understanding of the preoperative procedures. Reflecting a cultural value. Client agreement to the required procedures. The nurse identifies low-risk therapies to a client and should include which therapy s in the discussion, except? A clinic nurse is preparing to examine a Hispanic child who was brought by the mother for his first physical check-up.

While assessing the child, the nurse would avoid doing which of the following? Weighing the client. Asking the mother questions about the child. Having an interpreter if necessary. Admiring the child. The nurse checks the food on the tray and notes that the client has received hamburger and whole milk as a beverage. Which is the appropriate action for the nurse? Ask the dietary department to replace the hamburger with crabs.

Replace the whole milk with fat-free milk.Jump to navigation. Do you want to introduce yourself? OK, question number one. What street, or what is the name of the street, that the British Prime Minister lives on?

Do you recognise any of those names? Chris: Oh, tennis! Megan: What do you call the four years of college? Oh, I see — I have to name each of the separate years? Megan: Oh, I thought … OK, sorry.

cultural differences quiz

I thought there was, like, an overall title. Megan: Yeah, it was actually! OK, erm — when did London host the Olympic Games? What year?

Megan: OK, good! Megan: Yeah, yeah. That could have been really embarrassing. OK, question number five: what is the nickname for an East End London accent? I have A, B or C, but if you know it, then …. Megan: Yeah. So, what British people call it? Megan: Yeah! Who created The X Factor? Megan: Simon Cowell, yeah! Chris: Are they? Megan: I have never heard of that, ever.

Megan: Can you give me … in what context would you say it?

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