Mamut vr grips

The Mamut Touch Grips may appear expensive for what they do, but their comfort and ease overshadow their reasonably minimal cost. When there is a demand for a new product that provides a simple solution to a common problem, this typically leads to a successful fundraising campaign. The Mamut Touch grips grew out of such a successfully funded campaign, initially for the Oculus Rift Touch controllers.

What was the problem? That is where Mamut comes in. The rubberized grips not only help you feel, but the included straps can be used as knuckle straps and increase your confidence in the grip. The Mamut Grips require minimal setup out of the box. You simply slip them over your Oculus Quest controllers, tighten up the straps.

This is a testament to the user-friendly design that Mamut has created. I used to get frustrated at certain games as some of the tactile actions were not very intuitive. Now I feel more confident in my grip. One such game is Beat Saber. As silly as it sounds, when my knuckles are tightly strapped to the grips, I feel so much more confident in my ability to swing wildly without the worry of the grips slipping from my hands.

This is true for other games as well, especially shooters. Crisis VRigade is one of my favorite shooters, and with these grips, I find myself much more confident. Also, my movements feel more natural. With the ability to completely let go of the grips thanks to the knuckle strapsthese grab and drop movements feel much more intuitive, almost natural. I have to say that these may not be for everyone. Everyone has different palm sizes, finger sizes, grip styles, etc.

I have a couple of friends who have tried them and think they are uncomfortable.

Mamut Touch Grips Review – How To Make Oculus Touch Controllers More Like Index Knuckles

When I ordered these, I assumed they would be a cool add-on that I would use from time to time and might work better for certain games and not so well for others. I was so wrong. Now that I have these, I could not imagine taking them off! I mean that.I was wondering how the magnets would work for a shooter now after seeing it yea that would work well.

The only Issue I would have is I like having my stock tight to my shoulder so I'm not sure if this could replicate that. New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. Zenbane Posts: 15, Valuable Player. April edited April in General.

Are you a fan of the Myst games? Tagged: oculus touch. Wildt Posts: 2, Valuable Player. April I got their gun stock on delayed pre-order. If im happy with the quality of it, I might consider this product as well.

FastForward Posts: I think I'll wait a bit for some feedback, but it seems interesting Zenbane : you're sure it's already available? They say the estimated delivery is June RedRizla Posts: 6, Valuable Player. Wildt - Where do you get the gun stock? Link please. Bloodlet Posts: April edited April Each accessory listed below adds their own enhancements to either the comfort, safety, longevity or entertainment of the Oculus Quest headset and its controllers. Featuring two foam replacement pads and a replacement facial interface, you simply remove your stock interface, replace it with the VR Cover and select which padded pleather surround fits your face best and stick it onto the hook and loop system around the VR Cover facial interface.

If you are on a budget and prefer a less scratchy stock foam facial interface, you can buy a pair of these cotton covers from VR Cover. The cotton covers are also a hygienic way to use your Quest with others, or just yourself, because it comes as a pair, so one can be washed while you use the other.

Moister is kept on the breathable cotton Cover and reduces any sweat from leaking into the stock foam interface. The Oculus Quest Touch controllers come with wrist straps by default, which over time can feel like a nuisance having to put them on each time, especially when demoing the Quest with other people.

Also, if your playing for long sessions the controllers can get sweaty over time. The Mamut grips allow you the option to remove these wrist straps for a more easier system that simply involves you sliding your fingers through a looped lace system that goes over your knuckles.

You may not think you need such an accessory, but as soon as you try it, you will never want to go back to anything different. I think Oculus has absolutely nailed it with this case. Sure, there are plenty of cheaper cases out there, but they are mostly much more bulkier than this official design, which is also important if you have to put this case inside a travel bag or suitcase. This case fits in everything that comes with the Quest, and a lot more.

If you find yourself running out of battery quite regularly, leaving you out of the VR oasis, you should consider buying a portable battery pack.

I am sure the sales of these battery packs increased since the Quest released, as many enthusiasts keep their Quest topped up with a plugged-in battery stowed away in their back pocket or conveniently attached to the back of the Quest as a charging counter weight. There are many power bank out there, all with various ports on them, battery sizes and physical sizes too.

Personally, I found Anker to be the best power bank makers around, they may cost a little more than some cheaper less known brands, but I find you do get a better build quality with Ankers casing and battery cells that hold their charge well and they do not discharge as often as cheaper brands.

You need a power bank with the latest USB-C connection to get the best charging speeds to your Quest. Considering the Quest has a battery capacity of mAh, you will get 2. If you want a heavier battery for a counterweight to the Quest, you can try the Anker PowerCore Speed PD with a few Velcro straps to keep it in place and stow the charging cable along the side the head strap.

VR can be a sultry experience, however, Oculus has allowed the ability for the Quest to stream your VR experiences to a mobile device or tablet screen via its Oculus App, but with such a small screen display it can be a problem for large parties to see what exactly is going on.

The Google Chromecast is currently the best way to show off your Quest gaming to other people around you on a larger TV display. There are a number of other, less supported ways to get your Quest onto a TV display, but using a Chromecast simply works out of the box and has fewer stability issues or hurdles to jump through. You can use a 3rd Generation Chromecast as well as a Chromecast Ultra, which carries more processing power and also has the ability to stream other content in 4K Ultra HD.

All generations and types of Chromecast require a power cable to be plugged into the device, so be sure you have a spare power socket nearby to power it, as well as an HDMI cable to connect it to a spare HDMI port on your TV. So make sure you check that the device is a Google product, and if unsure make sure you buy from our links below or buy from a reputable online or high street store.

If there is one thing that has me paranoid when I have my Oculus Quest outside of its case, it is protecting my Quest internal lenses. Browsing eBay and Etsy you can find a growing number of sellers 3D printing what they think is their best solution to protecting the Oculus Quest internal lenses.

Yet it was this one in particular from BaptieWright 3D that caught my attention the most. If you experience fogging on your Quest lenses or they get smeared from stray fingers when putting the Quest on or off your head, then a decent lens cloth helps keep your vision clear and free from obstructions.

It is recommended that do not use the sleeve of your shirt or any abrasive fabric that could end up lightly scratching the stock lenses on your Quest. I recommend that you use a microfiber cloth that has the ability to carry less abrasive particles or loose fibers in the cloth.

So fishing out a clean cloth or buying a new microfibre cleaning cloth and having it close to hand when your play on your Quest is a good behaviour to adopt. The oculus Quest has some surprisingly good external speakers, but sometimes you might not want to entertain others in the same room or that you might what to improve your in-game immersion by wearing a pair of earphones. Cables get tangled and it easily draws you out of the game when this happens.

The in-ear headphones from Spectrashell has been built speci f ically for use with the Oculus Quest. Thanks to their small reach cables that attach to their respective 3. The Spectrashell earphones are a great sounding pair of earphones that come in at half the cost of the official Oculus branded headphones.In other words, the Mamut Touch Grips allow you to let go of the controllers entirely.

Mamut Touch Grips | Review

The Mamuts are essentially two rubber grips that slide onto the Oculus Rift Touch controllers. They extend and widen the handle and thus provide a bit more room for larger hands. The Oculus Rift S controllers were already quite comfy to hold, after all.

But the big selling point are the straps that run across the back of your hand. These two shoe-laces get weaved through holes in the Mamut Touch Grip and also tied around the circular sensor on the Oculus Touch controllers. On the bottom of the grips an anchor of sorts lets you adjust the strap tightness for a nice, snug fit or in case you ever felt like cutting off the circulation to your hands entirely.

Aside from the obvious added sense of security the Mamuts provide when waving your hands about the key selling point is that they allow you to let go of the Touch controllers entirely.

This helps eliminate that, adding a little extra layer of immersion into your VR gaming.

mamut vr grips

It feels good to walk up to a sword and wrap your hand around it rather than just flexing a finger. It also makes throwing in games much easier to judge. My one real complaint is that I would have preferred a single, thick strap. All in all the Mamut grips are a nice addition to an Oculus Rift, but for what they are they do feel overpriced.

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Anyone Else Enjoying Mamut Grips?

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We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Sold by Free Tinkers and Fulfilled by Amazon.Ships after easter holidays. Gathering feedback from users of the original Mamut Grips since the start of sales in has boiled down to version 2. Better ergonomics and implementation of support for the Apto has been our main focus points.

Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. Slim design, near seamless surface to surface on the controller. Comfortable, not matter what size of hand. Soft padding for prolonged comfort. Softer texture for good grip without discomfort.

mamut vr grips

Added length to the controllers. Quickly unmount for battery replacement using velcro. Added mount for original strap. Added strap mounting holes to fit your hands. Mamut Apto readymount sold separately.

Why is these at a lower price point than Stealth?

Mamut Grip Unboxing and installation guide for Oculus Quest/Rift/Rift S

Exposure is key, and these ones are really visible. Plus, it looks really neat in combo with Apto and Halo. Previous Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4. Close Cart Shopping Cart. Your cart is currently empty. Enable cookies to use the shopping cart. Special instructions for seller.

mamut vr grips

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