Reiner x reader lemon wattpad

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reiner x reader lemon wattpad

Remember Me. Trio x genderneutral! Reader 2. Trio x neko! Reader 3. Just the Way You Are insecure! Annie x popular! Preferences: Kisses and Teasing Trio x genderne Just 5 More Minutes Hanji's Experiment pt. Trio x fem! Heathers pt. Annie x fem!

reiner x reader lemon wattpad

Preference: Valentines's Day Confessions Trio x A Drunken Confession pt 1 drunk! Trio x gendern A Drunken Confession pt 2 drunk! Nobody Does it Better pt. Reader x si Reader x s Cold Nights and Warm Hearts Reiner x male! I'm quite disappointed--I could never find any reader-insert poly shots with these three.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. You're cuddling with Reiner at the edge of the Forest of Giant Trees. He turns into the Armored Titan and you lie down on his chest.

Eyeless Jack X Reader Lemon Wattpad Forced

Then Bertholdt shows up, and all of you cuddle until you drift off to sleep. This summary is long due for a redo- so here it is! I'm not going to go on for ages this time, just say that I'm writing an extremely non-canon fic about saving the titan trio and helping them heal. It's a mix of fluff, angst, and platonic love, and I've been told by many commenters that it's an emotional ride. Updates are slow because of life issues, I'm a tired person, etc, etc, etc. I have no intention of giving up on the fic, though, so expect it to continue whenever I have the time.

To quote from my old summary; "Canon was not nice to these kids, and I'm going to do them better. Disclaimer: I'm not all that familiar with canon, and I don't particularly care to be.

Britta Koch is an innocent girl who never learnt what it meant to be a woman. Talented and strong, if not a touch naive, she soon discovers that 'titans' don't just exist outside the walls.

Stressed, and facing greater dangers daily, they thought their lives were always destined to contain the same monotony. New girl, small town, tiny female population. Something about her seems off to the residents, and something about the residents seems very off to her. What was she running from? Or who? And why are girls now suddenly turning up dead? Let's be real here--these three don't get enough love. I'm quite disappointed--I could never find any reader-insert poly shots with these three.

So--welcome to my book! This story mostly contains polyamory relationships with the reader--but I occasionally write for them individually, maybe I'll even throw a few with just two of the characters. I accept constructive criticism but don't be rude. Don't just leave a comment saying you didn't like it--please tell me WHY you didn't like it. However if you just simply didn't like it, I'd apologize but you didn't have to read it.

I have a VERY long list for this series. When requests open, this segment of the description will change, and I'll post a chapter with a full set of rules. I don't own Attack on Titan or any music used. Bertholdt, Annie, and Reiner own you.

Please enjoy! He was a tool used to save humanity. He was armor of flesh and blood and he had no mind of his own. So why did he suppress the human in the nape of his neck whenever you were around and took control?

Why did he feel a pulse in his chest when you looked his way? Why did he try to kiss you back that faithful evening when you had kissed his lipless mouth? Did heOriginally posted by stranger--dreams. Yes, you and Levi are super close. He saved you in Shiganshima District when the Colossal Titan breached the wall. Your parents died, crushed by your heavy house so you were left alone, facing those horrible titans.

Luckily though, you were quite the trickster and not to mention a pretty good fighter, so you knew how to hide and potentially set traps here and there for the titans. However, big as they are, your tricks never caused much damage so you mostly hid from them. When you climbed on a roof next to a 13 meter chimney, you saw that the chimney had a huge hole in it; if someone or something were to push it, it would break and fall directly.

Smart as you were, you used your spare fire crackers and placed them around it. You waited until a 5 meter class titan got close enough and lit them up, causing a big explosion and the chimney fell right onto the nasty titan. Oh you were happy all right, and Levi witnessed it all with his very own grey eyes. He was impressed. He came up to you and brought you to Erwin. Levi trained you, fed you and most importantly: he cared for you.

You two had grown a strong bond together as well as with Petra, Oluo, Hanji and the rest of the Scouting Legion. They were your new family. You met him when he was in a conflict with 3 bullies. He was about to punch the blond spiky haired one until you threw a smoke bomb and dragged Eren away. He was pissed and you two argued for a short while until he had calmed down. Mikasa and Armin joined you two soon after. You four hung out a lot and got to know each other quite well. His bravery and determination inspired you to continue fighting in life and help those who needed.

Sadly, you got separated from him when the wall has been breached. Your reunion with Eren was the best thing ever. You felt complete again, you felt like the world has given you the best gift you could ever have. You got out of your room and followed the crazy woman that you learned to love.

You looked at him up and down until he noticed your presence. Simple huh? You lightly blush at the thought of being with Eren for the rest of the day. Eren nodded and bit his hand hard.

A yellow lighting bolt shot at Eren and you saw his figure growing and growing until he reached 15 meters high. He bent down and placed his hand on the ground, his palm facing upwards for you to stand on. You got the idea and stepped on it, he brought you close to his face until you could reach out to touch his nose. You gently caressed his nose and you heard him groan in satisfaction which made you giggle. Do you think we could go hide in the forest?

He placed you on his toned shoulder where you held onto a big strand of his hair for support and he ran off into the woods. That long chocolate colored hair, that toned torso, those muscles, those abs and that nice booty. Ah yes, his fineass booty was impressive.

But what really made you go crazy was his beautiful teal green eyes. You would always get lost in them, like you were in a trance and you found yourself staring at him instensily. He noticed you and looked directly in your eyes.The way he looked at you, it made you shiver. The tingling that was left on your cheek after he stole a glance at you. Like when taking a shower and the warm water warms up your whole body, from head to toe. The special feeling he gave you. When those penetrating eyes looked at you, you were captured.

A criminal caught and imprisoned, locked up for life. The was he said how beautiful you were. How lovely your voice sounded. He was your first real love. Yes, were All in past tense. One day he had asked you to come to his house. Of course you said yes. Being love struck you couldn't refuse. It was quiet in that house. There was no one. What was there, was an awkward atmosphere. His room was kinda normal If you count out the number of pictures from girls with darts arrows in them and the naked posters of woman Some of the pictures were crossed signed with a marker and some with a green check sign.

He looked like an animal out for hunting. You felt like you were in a guillotine, your head was about to get sliced off. The prisoner got the death sentence. The next day you could still feel his hands roam your body.

It made you feel sick and wanting to throw up. You certainly hadn't thought that your first time would be like this. Forced, hurt, anger, pain, lots and lots of pain. Rape that is what he did to you. He merciless raped you, only for his own sick desire and satisfaction.

Those eyes that showed his ego and proud. That's what he showed all those girls and all of them were to afraid to do something.

He's choosing naive girls, that can be influenced easily. They only need pretty words that made you feel good, presents that made you feel special and what did he take in return? The most important thing for a girl.

The thing that made you pure.

reiner x reader lemon wattpad

Only to give it to the person you loved. You loved him. But he had different intentions.In sensation, I wrapped my arms around his neck and started moaning in pleasure. That was when Eren decided to start getting rougher.

He pushed me closer to the wall and lifted my legs to wrap around his waist. That's when he grinded into me. With the new 'land' to explore, he kissed my skin starting from the jaw line to my boobs. Then he unhooked my bra. It slid to the floor. I was so embarrassed right now, I just wanted to hide my boobs right now. He then licked the valley between my cleavage,"Eren, let's stop!

He started unhooking my belts and pulling down my trousers to show my black lace underwear. Ignoring my loud protests he pulled down my underwear and slipped a finger into my womanhood.

For some reason, my body moved on it's own. He started moving in and out in a slow rhythm. With plenty of moans and increasing speed, he finally pulled them out.

I moaned in the opening of space. Eren bent down and kneeled before me. He looked up at me and then started licking my womanhood. His warmth filled me. While he licked me, I used my graceful fingers to untie his shirt and pull it off. I slid my hands down his shoulders and down his back.

Eren and I faced towards the door. Before we opened the door, Eren and I put our clothes back on. I faced Eren and we were both blushing in embarrassment. Eren opened the door to face the entire squad facing us.

Jean looked away from us as I adjusted my bra. I laughed nervously. Story Story Writer Forum Community. His bright green eyes stared back. Right now, we were in the storage closet and to be honest, I was getting claustrophobic. Eren," I moaned. He looked up at me with his green eyes. Eren then took my waist and pulled him next to me and his lips reached my ear. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Close Working Terms of Service.How are you? Eren shut the door behind him, locked it and picked up his lover and laid them down on the bed then taking his shirt off, tossing his shirt aside not caring where it landed and the brushing last a few loose strands of his hair that was in his face back.

Eren and his lover were cuddled up on his bed in his dorm room, as the television ran in the background. Ooh yay requests are open!!! It can be in a modern Au or during Canon era. Only sfw please? Sorry if this is annoying I can't find enough good stuff for these babs. Originally posted by silversunkiss. Originally posted by superjaegerbros.

Slenderman x Neko reader lemon

Like do they stay close together, are they a battle duo, how they are like after an exposition etc. Sorry this took so long to do! This is a super cute idea, and I hope I did it justice! Thank you for requesting! Originally posted by erensjaegerbombs. Originally posted by neogohann. Attack on Titan. My Hero Academia. Dom Eren as well! Keep reading. I'd like to request some cop!

Yandere X Reader Lemon Forced

Eren please! Eren walked in the looking for a suspicious criminal that was supposed to be hanging out here. It was a nice park as many people were out and about.

Looking down he saw a cute puppy at his feet, his cute eyes wanting to be either petted or praised. Eren scratches his head and takes a deep breath, then next thing he knew he was teaching the puppy to fetch, and sit. Eren saw a cute person come up to him out of breath and a look of relief on their cute face.

Eren could feel his face burning as he takes out his hand for the owner to shake. Ten four. Could you do a dog! Human reader who works for the snk cop boys? Like she handful of people of in a world who has special powers or something and just happens to have dog like qualities?? Jean pouted as he saw his comrades petting their female comrade on the head, back, or tail making the cop turn shy. Connie added in with Reiner as the boys kept petting Name.

It was a sort of job well done, for catching drug smugglers all week.Note: Wrote this because my inner Reiner love kicked in while working on my Levi x Oc story. First time doing a reader insert though…I think it turned out…alright xD "Ugh, no please, just a little longer," you spoke twisting your blankets further around you in a way that most people might have found awkward.

reiner x reader lemon wattpad

The pillow was actually the same pillow she threw at you. You would just lace them up after you got some food in your stomach, breakfast seemed a lot more important than your stupid boots at the moment anyways. You quickly grabbed your jacket and made a run for the mess hall in the pouring rain. You arrived in the mess hall soaking wet just like the rest of the cadets were, 'great…,' you thought to yourself heaving a small sigh as the cold air quickly attacked your wet clothes.

You brought your hands up rubbing at your arms to try and create some kind of heat, but failed miserably and decided to just grab yourself a bite to eat. That didn't take too long either considering you were one of the last people to enter the mess hall and there was thankfully no line for food.

You felt the spot next to you slightly shift signifying that the man had decided to sit next to you. Your frown deepened before you quickly lifted your head and easily caught Reiner's fingers between your teeth, biting down. What the crap name?!

Back me up here! The three were interrupted though when the bald devil himself came in slamming the doors to the mess hall open. Prepare for the long hull because this is not going to be some simple jog like you've been doing all these years! Your gear is located over to the left of the room, grab it and meet me outside! You groaned rather loudly before grabbing some of your food and scarfing it down mentally cursing yourself for sleeping in so long.

They gathered around all the gear looking for their own while you stayed back trying to scarf down as much food as you possibly could before having to get up and leave. You made a mental note to trip Reiner during the jog later. Just one clean chop to the head and ta-dah," you said voice low so Shadis couldn't hear you, but still high enough for Bertolt who ran beside you to hear.

You smiled a bit when he saw the smirk that pulled at his lips. You frowned for a moment, still jogging as you eyed the spot next to you, 'I swear to god he was just here…there is no way in hell I can lose some muscle bound meathead,' you thought to yourself before shifting your gaze back a bit when you heard someone that sounded awfully like Reiner. You were correct, he was now at the back of the group talking to Armin before he grabbed the smaller boys gear and then ran back up to your side.

Hey, I know I'm not as cute as Armin, but could you carry my gear as well? You were caught by surprise though when a small boy ran in between the two of you, he grabbed his pack from Reiner before running on ahead of you all. You whistled as if somewhat impressed by the small male, 'So cute…! You looked over toward Bertolt expecting some kind of answer from the man, but as soon as your eyes caught his he took off at a higher speed, finding his way to the front of the group and getting praised by Shadis.

You realized he was still waiting for an answer from you. You spent the next few hours jogging next to Reiner in an awkward silence, cursing Bertolt for leaving you both here like this, 'I'll kill him for this,' you thought to yourself glaring at the taller man's back.

You onto the ground with a plop, eyes staring at the tent you had just finished setting up for yourself. The weather was currently hot and humid thanks to the morning downpour and the ground you were currently sitting on was still somewhat wet and muddy, not that you cared, you were so tired and already dirty as all hell that a little mud on your butt wasn't going to affect you.

Either way, I highly doubt either of them have a thing for me. I mean we've been friends for almost three years and neither of them have said or done anything," you said shrugging your shoulders a bit but, a frown soon settled on your lips as Mina giggled a bit and called you clueless. You starred at them for a moment wondering if you should join the women or not, but that thought was quickly stopped when Shadis came out barking orders once more.

He gave the orders to find fresh water and gather fire wood, 'fire wood, really?! It just fucking rained! On the bright side, this gave you that idea of snagging Bertolt as a partner, mind as well satisfy your curiosity, right?

You quickly stood up before half running toward the two boys and quickly lacing your arm through Bertolt's. Using him for a while, sorry Reiner, bye!

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