Taylormade m2 set review

TaylorMade Men's M2 Golf Iron Set Thick-thin Fluted Hosel removes 3g of extra mass for lower CG, and higher launch and ball speed degree Undercut expands the unsupported face area for better ball speed across the face Increased flexibility due to an even thinner sole increases launch angle and preserves ball speed, improving forgiveness for shots struck below the center of the face.

Thin Face with Inverted Cone Technology enables fast, consistent ball speeds across the face that push the limits of distance performance in an iron A light but extremely stiff 3D-badge system that manages sound and eliminates unwanted vibrations for superior feel, giving golfers a pure feeling distance iron.

Last update on PST - Details. When it is time for some calculated fun that requires you to walk quite some distance while you pause for that perfect shot, you need the best golf kit in town, to ensure you land all your shots, where you intended to. When you put in the same effort but can get those shots to go longer, are you getting a better game or lesser exercise?

This could be the kit for you if you are looking for something lighter, without having to compromise on performance. The graphite option offers the user a lighter club as steel clubs are heavier. If you are a senior or have joint pains, these clubs could relieve you of some pain that is caused by using heavy clubs for hours together.

The increased length also enables one to hit the ball from a distance, thus making up for misjudged distance. The ultra thin face and the inverted cone technology enables consistency when it comes to the speed of the ball. The ball maintains a uniform speed throughout the shot. The changed hosel design has shifted the weight from the hosel to the sole, thereby reducing the center of gravity of the club.

This enables better coverage when the ball is hit. The game improvement designing offers great forgiveness on shots missed and helps a player improve their game consistently. Everyone wants to improve and when your gear can help you do that, it could be a wise investment. The o undercut angle reduces the CG and helps you cover more distance. Hence with the regular shots, one can cover more distance with these clubs without any added effort, as the clubs will do all the work.

When you hit off center, the speed pocket feature enables you to improve your performance and it also preserves the ball speed. Hence with your regular shots, you can perform better and the clubs will do all the extra work for you. These clubs are highly preferred for their accuracy. If you are a person who is still improving your game and want to improve your accuracy and reduce the misses, these irons may be the right ones for you.

TaylorMade Men’s M2 Iron Reviews

Golf is not like athletics.Nowadays, people are more attracted to sports activities, and golf is specifically one of them. When it comes to golf, beginners as well as professionals, prefer to choose efficient and reliable long-term golf clubs.

In this era of the twenty-first century, where innovation and creation are on top of the line, at the same time, golf clubs are made with the best of materials yet known.

taylormade m2 set review

What we are going to review today is the flex Taylormade M2 Irons Golf Club, which is equipped with an extra turn on features and exquisite finesse. M2 Iron set is unquestionably among the best golf clubs a golfer can ever have. These clubs come in mid-range for amateurs and beginners and perfectly suit them.

These new M2 Irons are genuine satisfaction to use. These irons are specially made for players who need extra indulgent and lenient. You will not need to wait for long to make them your number one choice.

We are quite sure that your experience with the M2 Iron clubs will be highly appealing and pleasant. The M2 Iron set is unquestionably centered on the presentation and proficient utilization of the most recent advances. Here are some of the features of the TaylorMade M2 iron clubs that will help you choose the best golf for your game.

By counting Face Slots, TaylorMade engineers improved consistency and focal point of gravity. TaylorMade included more adaptability and versatility to irons by employing a more profound and utilizing speed control. The altered and inverted Cone innovation helps to attain better, higher, stronger, and improved distance. Speed pocket innovation builds adaptability and flexibility because of much more slender sole, improving pardoning for shots struck beneath the focal point of the clubface.

Updated and overhauled speed pocket has a slimmer and slender divider, improving and progressing execution on shots that are struck while making higher expedite and dispatch.

Lighter hosel allows you to have quicker and speedier swings. Its structure is made in such a way that it allows the confront space highlight. It makes higher dispatch points and quicker ball speeds. This innovation results in the M2 Iron clubs make an astonishing and charming voice while hitting a ball.

Like, actually, if you miss a shot, you may still appreciate the sound and feel the pleasure out of it. This innovation is probably the best thing that will enable you to enjoy delightful frequencies while playing the game. The M2 Iron clubs are pretty much durable and reliable because of the raw material with which its constructed from. This durability factor of M2 lasts longer than expectations. Here is a short overview of Pros and Cons of the M2 Iron clubs:. The M2 Iron club sets are player-friendly irons that will make the amusement more fun with a twist of passion for a parcel of golfers, but they will, too, demonstrate to fit more than fair high-handicap players.

Regularity with these clubs will increase your efficiency in every course, making it better. The forgiveness provided by the M2 Iron clubs is just amazing. Hey, my name is Scott Ferguson. I am a professional golfer who has been in love with golfing since childhood. When I was in school, my dad used to take me to the golf course with him to watch his games, but I did more than just that! I fell in love with it and started learning the best tricks and techniques to become a pro golfer.

Now, I want to share my knowledge with people who want to learn about Golf. Great performance, High accuracy, looks great, produces pleasant sound. Little expensive, the plastic heads of irons are not durable in some cases, less spinning variation. This latest version of TaylorMade M2 series is surely worth your game and money.InTaylorMade M2 driver review was considered to have superb performance, and as a result, it made big splashes among drivers.

TaylorMade redesigned and made improvements of the previous edition to bring about a much solid driver. With TaylorMade M2 driver review in being a big hit — even being the choice for Tiger and Rory —, the M2 is, therefore, an even better version. Here is why? Check Lowest Price On Amazon.

Even with the current changes to the M2, there were no complains but positive feedback. The white and black carbon crowns on the driver have been the talking point. With the white strip now slightly smaller, the profile has become marginally larger while the carbon crown more dominating. But, noticing the difference with your naked eye is hard. There is a more premium feel that emanates from overall cleaner aesthetic apart from the new green color on the bottom.

The neon yellow has replaced the traces of gold. The pear and round shape blend describe its head that encompasses a textbook driver footprint. Apart from adjustability, the M2 has an impressive firmer feel compared to the M1. The feel on the ball is quite different and very powerful. But, personal preference will determine the choice of the two balls. The sound also stands out prominently in a similar way as the feel.


Although the M2 still gives out a bit of pop sound, a classic driving range cannon sound cannot be produced due to the presence of the carbon in the crown. The manufacturer also agrees that the M2 gives both an impressive and interesting sound a pure shot off downrange.

InTaylorMade made great advancements with the introduction of two drivers that possess distinctly different feels and sounds.

It is up to the players to get a club that suits them. Due to the simplicity of the TaylorMade M2 driver review, most players find it desirable. The lofty sleeve with twelve settings is the only adjustable feature. A lot of players want the optimal result but not at the expense of tinkering with too much equipment. The performance of the M2 driver is superb according to the recent experience.

There is plenty of high-end engineering that is involved in M2 even if the product appears simple. It is evident that the M2 displays an unforgiving tough design after its launch.

There is quite an improvement regarding extra ball speed and a few additional distance yard. As opposed to the M2 which was acclaimed for its supreme forgiveness, the M1 is a less forgiving driver. Even with the enormous strides, it is still marginally behind the M2.

This has evidently made most professionals to prefer the M2. A lot of amateur golfers find help in hitting a natural fade due to new draw-bias weight position that the driver provides. With a shaft length of around At no charge, you will be able to get a variety of shafts that flexibly swing on the wrist. Recommending a suitable shaft is usually hard, but there is one that stands out- the High Launch Fujikura Pro Know that a certified club fitter should do custom fitting options, so talk to a Taylor Made representative when purchasing a club online.The TaylorMade M2 irons literally took the high ground when they first came out as the aim was to launch the ball as high and as fast as possible for maximum distance and a steep landing angle.

taylormade m2 set review

This height went down very well in the market and now with the M2 irons TaylorMade has continued this philosophy and combined it with the proven face slots that first appeared on their RSi irons a couple of years ago.

However it is the quest for a lower CG that was the driving force behind the M2 irons as the faces were already at the legal limit, so speed was not an issue. The face slots help the forgiveness of the face as they reduce the loss of ball speed on off centre hits, but it requires some reinforcing at the ends of the slots as the cutaway below shows. Therefore lowering the CG elsewhere would give TaylorMade the spare weight to put the face slots back in. The face profile was also made shallower to reduce the proportion of material above the ball at impact.

Finally the Fluted Hosel from the previous model was made thinner with 6 wider sections on it instead of the previous 8. This saved another 2g on top of the 3g the original version saved over a normal hosel and it is these factions that make all the difference. The result was a CG that was lowered by 1. However the forgiveness comes from the Face Slots that you can see on the 4 to 8 irons on either side of the hitting area. In the past they made the clubs that have them sound a little bit hollower, but in the M2 irons this is reduced to a minimum, but it is still there.

This improvement in sound is due to the ribs going across the back of the cavity from the synthetic badge and on the underside of the top edge. The ribs on the top edge look to be in a random pattern, but have actually been carefully placed to stiffen the face and optimize the sound and feel so that your hands and ears like them. This improvement is noticeable as in the past the transition from slotted to non-slotted irons in the set was quite noticeable and did not really enable the set to flow through the bag.

The transition is still there, but is much less noticeable and as a result the M2 irons feel more like a complete set. The feel is still pretty good from this head too, but you may want to switch to a specialist TaylorMade wedge at this stage. The soles are generous, but in reality play thinner than they look. The three way bevel helps the leading edge go into the turf easily and on the other side of the centre section the trailing edge cambers off to make it playable and keep the weight low and back.

For what is marketed as a distance game improvement iron the look at address is very playable with a reasonable amount of a offset with a mid to large head that will appeal to single figure players upwards. The wedge is reasonably compact for a distance set, but frames the ball very well and it is good to see something that looks playable rather than being all boxy in this type of set. You can see the fluted hosel at address, but if that bothers you then you are looking at the wrong thing during the swing.

Cosmetically the polished chrome look is a classier finish than the previous black and will enable the M2 irons to look better for longer.TaylorMade want you to reach new heights with your iron play so they have engineered the M2 irons to deliver this.

As iron faces get faster, manufacturers have been strengthening lofts to keep the same trajectory height, but if you don't have the necessary club head speed then the ball lands too shallow and fails to stop on the green. The TaylorMade M2 irons come in two models and combines a faster face and stronger lofts with a lower Centre of Gravity CG to launch the ball higher and land steeper.

The M2 irons achieve this performance by having a large unsupported face that can flex more thanks to a new Speed Pocket in the sole. The lofts are pretty much the same as the AeroBurner with the 5, 6 and 7 irons being marginally stronger and the 8-iron, where the Speed Pocket slots stop, being 0. Behind the face is TaylorMade's Inverted Cone variable face thickness design that started life in their woods and this is supported by two ribs that provide the stiffness to the face at impact. These give the M2 iron a dramatic look and support the trailing edge section of the head that is responsible for that low and back CG.

TaylorMade M2 Driver Review – 2020 Edition

The sole is generally a little wider than the AeroBurner iron with a consistent width down the full length, instead of a toe heavy design.

The hosel features a 'Thick-Thin Fluted' design that saves 3g of weight and has a larger offset than the AeroBurner, but the same thick top line, even though it is disguised by the silver and black finish. It does make the face stand out at address and may appeal to some more than others.

The different head construction gives a slightly firmer and more hollow sound to the M2 compared to the AeroBurner at impact. The flight is very similar to the naked eye, but using SkyTrak I did see an extra couple of yards of carry as the club generated an extra 1mph ball speed from the same 77mph club head speed on a 7-iron.

The M2 is supposed to be TaylorMade's super game improvement iron, taking over from the AeroBurner and the face-slotted RSi 1 ironalthough the latter will still be available for a while as a custom order. The fact that this is the case shows that the RSi 1 still stacks up pretty well for this sector of the market as the forgiveness from the face slots does work and it is a surprise not to see these continuing in one of their larger headed irons. Apparently the face slots are not required in the M2 as the head is much larger and aims to deliver a different type of flight.

The larger head has a greater MOI and wider sweet spot already, plus having slots up the face would raise the CG, rather than keeping it low to get that higher flight. The M2 is probably aimed as slower swing speed players than the RSi1 though and despite the compromises on sound and feel, it certainly delivers more performance than the AeroBurner.

If the M2 head is too large for you, then it also comes in an M2 Tour version that is a little more compact with a thinner top line and sole. This is the business, as the sound and feel is much better than the M2 and the shape is more what I would expect for the mainstream golfer. This is due in part to the stiffened badge on the back of the head that creates the rigidity to complement the more flexible face.

Having handled many of these badges over the years, you can bend most quite easily, but both the M2 and smaller M2 Tour badges were very firm and could hardly be moved.When this TaylorMade M2 irons review launched, it took the top spot. The golfers saw that those M2 irons produced incredible launch conditions, forgiveness, and distance. According to its design and technology, the irons launch the ball as fast and as high as possible. Through that action, a golfer will be able to gain a steep landing angle and maximum speed.

From tee to green, these irons are a good option for the mid to high handicap golfer who need more forgiveness and maximum distance. The redesigning of M2 irons for made the original M2 iron to defer in terms of the feel, look, and performance of the club.

Serious golfers can rely on this club as to uplift their game even if they are higher priced than the other sets. Check Lowest Price On Amazon.

Even though this set of irons are a bit pricey, you can bet that even in now the M2 Irons are great for golfers who serious about getting better. The M2 Iron Set is definitely an option you should consider. These irons first launched in Here are the specs on these clubs. The M2 Irons are one of the top sellers on this site. You can also check the value of used clubs with the PGA Value Guide — a great resource when you are researching the price of golf equipment.

taylormade m2 set review

Both sets of irons have Speed Pockets and Face Slots to help with forgiveness and distance. Weight has been removed from the neck in both clubs. More weight has been taken out of the M2 irons which allows for mass to be moved into the backside of the club.

A common technique of modern golf club makers. Both clubs feel is soft, however we preferred the more refined feel of the M1 irons since they gave us more feedback. Feedback is the key to understanding how your golf swing produces golf shots.

TaylorMade clubs have rich, high-tech features, one of which is the M2 irons. The M2 are usually the most technologically-advanced distance irons from TaylorMade. According to the new technology, some key features you can find in the M2 irons are discussed below.

The features enable the M2 to have better forgiveness, higher angle, improved swing consistency, and more distance. TaylorMade saw it unnecessary to include the face slot in the M2 edition as it would give it a low ball flight due to the presence of a large club head.

But, this kind of technology is appropriate on the M2 irons as it is designed with a lower CG. It usually makes the shallow design of the face profile on the lead edge thinner increasing the bell flight penetration.A: Check out this article that we wrote in The Mission back in August. Eventbrite is looking for a Global Head of Product Marketing.

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